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EXCLUSIVE: Rare Dinosaur Fossil Found in Bruce Variety

Archaeologists are calling it “a breakthrough of historic proportions.” A fossilized bone found in Bruce Variety is part of the spine of the anklosaur, a rare specimen dating back to the Cretaceous Era.

Acting on a tip, the archaeologists asked a cashier if it was true that the store carried dinosaur fossils, and she suggested the aisle on the left, “all the way back.” Sure enough, underneath a jar of fabric paint and a stack of pink potholders, there it was.

“An unbelievable find,” one said. “And, once we dusted it off a bit, it was a bargain at only $3.49. I don’t think they knew what they had there.”

The idea that dinosaurs might once have walked the land where Bradley Shopping Center now stands took many by surprise. “It’s hard to imagine a time before Bruce Variety,” one customer said. “I don’t even want to try.”

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  1. mary says:

    This made my eon!

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